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The gantry crane can come in a variety of different forms. The kind ofgantry crane that will be needed will be determined by use, load and location among other factors.

There are a variety of different light capacity gantry hoist. These will be looking to handle loads between 100kg to 1000kg. These have a module design. Therefore, these gantry cranes can be readily adapted to a specific work situation. There would be no need to consider using a more expensive gantry crane using a powered travel system. Read more about it here:

A good place to start is by considering a Free Standing Track Crane. A steel frame structure supports two “runways”. This system does allow for a lot of freedom in the placement of the hoist in a work situation.

A variation of this gantry crane is a Ceiling Supported Track Crane. “Droppers” are used to securely fix the frame structure to the ceiling. There is no need for a supporting frame and consequently a lot of floor space is freed up.

A more localized solution could be a Cantilevered Track Crane. If there is an assembly line, or an exit or entrance into a warehouse, then this could be an ideal crane. It can be fixed to a wall by using cross beams and posts. Therefore, one side is freed up. Again, this gives more space for fork lift trucks and the general work area.

For heavier loads, Over Head and Bridge Gantry Cranes are recommended. These can take loads ranging from 1 to 20 tonnes. Therefore, either Single or Double Girder cranes, it would be the serious options to look closely at. These are very flexible and maneuverable.

Jib Cranes Australia have yet another important option; this is slewing jib crane or workstation crane. There are two forms of this very useful crane, the Slewing Arm cane and the Arm Support crane.

The Slewing Arm Jib Crane can be sub divided again. There is the Top Braced design. This can lift loads of up to 500Kg and is often used in conjunction with vacuum lifting devices. The Low Head Room system can be used where there is a low ceiling height.

On one hand, Arm Support Cranes can be Free Standing, where the crane is bolted to the floor or Column Mounted when would be fixed to a column in a building. Jib cranes in general can have a slewing radius of up to 8 metres.If a company is looking for a crane to suit its specific needs, there is certainly a very comprehensive range of cranes for sale. These can be used in a whole range of different situations. There may be the need for a small localized lifting device on an assembly line. Which is used repeatedly. Very large sheets of glass or cumbersome blocks of masonry have to be moved. There will be lifting devices that can readily deal with all of these examples. The weights could be measured in tonnes or in a few kilos but there will be a lifting device that can deal with this.

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